Communication and education is the foundation of everything we do. BCA Benefits Group specializes in supplemental insurance programs which include voluntary benefits and supplemental disability programs. Based in Boston, we have strong relationships with a wide range of companies and corporations throughout the country.

Anybody can distribute a brochure. Any recipient can read a brochure. Understanding the details and nuances of programs in order to make an informed decision, however, is not an easy task. That is why in every engagement, we at, BCA Benefits Group, make sure to provide strong on-going communication and education at every level.

We have the knowledge, acumen and experience to successfully and patiently convey information to all levels of the organization. This is where we excel and set ourselves apart from the competition.

Our team recognizes that every client has different goals and objectives, which is why we do not apply the same design to each working relationship. Every client, large or small, is important and deserves the detailed and customized solutions we provide to meet their specific needs.

By thoroughly educating and communicating at the highest level of the organization, we ensure that there is an understanding as to how programs work, what information and data must be made accessible in order to execute the program, and finally, we make clear how having a program, such as this, is to the benefit of the company.

We are keenly aware that for each level of employee, concerns vary, and how information is communicated must be tailored to be best understood. Educating employees is paramount to a successful program because it is important for people to understand why they need a particular supplemental insurance product, and what the benefits are to them or their family.