Many company sponsored plans leave a gap in your employee’s and family’s needs. At BCA Benefits Group, our goal is to identify and fill in those gaps by providing you with a full financial and needs based analysis. We are here to help negotiate, integrate and enroll as our clients’ see fit.

At BCA Benefits Group we focus on the client’s specific needs, employee by employee. We will put together a SDIP program that will keep all individuals in mind.

  1. Communication:  BCP can educate and enroll your employees through online portals, on-site educational meetings, Web-ex and/or one-on-one phone calls.
  2. Concierge:  What sets us apart from many firms, is that we are hands-on. We continually meet on a basis that best suits our clients, to make sure that all of the communications and services are being met.
  3. Client Service Agreement:  Our commitment to our client is in writing.  We come together with our client to design and implement an agreement based on their needs so that all expectations are met.