BCA Benefits Group knows that with today’s technology and the costs of employee benefits that not all funding mechanisms fit all companies. We always look to what might and might not be trending in these areas and stay on top of what might be the best fit for our clients and future clients.

We have dedicated our systems to be there for you and your company in many shapes and forms.

BCA Benefits Technology can create a “Benefit Bank” or equally as known as a Defined Contribution Approach. The employer essentially gives the employee a set amount of premium monthly dollars to use and allows the employee to take that amount and shop for their own insurance off a menu that the employer provides. We work hand in hand with the employer to negotiate pricing and contracts with carriers and the options are placed into your companies “Benefit Marketplace”.

Our technology will show a monthly “Benefit Bank” balance to each online enrollee and adjust as the employee makes his/her decisions with the support of our education or decision tools that are created by our software!