Certainly an answer to the overwhelming demands of the HR departments. This initiative is BCA Benefits Group’s answer to the “Help Desk / Call-in” support that small, mid-market and emerging companies may find useful. Through the regular deployment of one of our HR professionals, we will have this resource available via phone contact / email / in-person (pre-arranged, with as much notice as possible) via a subscription type service. The HRI designated professional serves as the “go to” contact for the HR Stop-Gap clients as HR issues and questions arise.

Human resource issues may involve: Compliance Questions; Employee Relations; Hiring or Termination Issue; Policy or Procedural Concerns.

Our BCAHr model is to provide top-notch HR department services “insourced” at clients on a per diem charge, as best fit for a client – HR Stop-Gap may be an early alternative for establishing a “Go-To” professional access point for HR-related issues and problems, helping organizations to manage their risk in a cost-effective manner.

We provide human resource support with Fortune 1000 standards regardless of whether you have a human resource person on staff or none at all. While one of our selected professional has years of experience to address subjects like government compliance and employee transitions, no one person is an expert in all HR disciplines. Consequently, your resource is connected to a team of experts including legal, mergers & acquisitions, compensation, benefits, systems & policies and other related services.

With BCAHr you can:

  • Head off problems that could reduce compliance costs or avoid employee turnover
  • Stay current with HR requirements without adding headcount
  • Extend your HR expertise so you can focus on your core business
  • Off load valuable management resources spent on making HR decisions.